Say ‘bye to irritating ingredients, not your morning ritual

Herbal Tea with the Full Body of Coffee

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All the coffee feels none of the coffee flaws!

Caffeine Free

Skip the irritating caffeine... and the anxiety it brings. Because our morning drink should make us feel better, not worse.

It's Got Body

We developed Sip Herbals to taste great... and have that coffee-like body that tea can never replicate.

Minimally Processed

Because ingredients matter to us... and to you. We source organic ingredients whenever possible and make sure they're in their pure form. No "natural flavors" here!


Meet our best selling Original flavor

The coffee substitute that started it all... Just the right amount of bitterness... full-bodied on your tongue, and none of the stomach-sickening acidity of normal coffee.

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See What Sip'ers are Saying:

Founded by two women who know it’s a downer to give up coffee

We won’t tell you to “just switch to green tea!” or “just meditate when you would have had your morning joe!”

Because we know: nothing takes the place of a steaming hot mug and that rich delicious first sip.

We’re Kelly Raulerson and Orleatha Smith and we’ve been off of coffee for many years now.

But it wasn’t enough for us to give it up – we wanted to find a truly delicious, truly healthy alternative.

Many taste tests later, we’re sharing our herbal formula with you. Careful, it’s hot!