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We are a Black Woman-Owned Business

Sip Herbals was founded by Kelly and Orleatha, two foodies with a passion for coffee.  They’ve both had their own journey’s with discovering the power of real food, so when they realized that Coffee was a problem, they got to work and created a coffee substitute that was the REAL DEAL.   

We believe:

That healing takes time and there are no right or wrong solutions. 

That there is always more than enough for everyone.

Our differences make us stronger. 

In being intentional. Focus matters. 


That you don’t have to give up what you love – that there are always amazing replacements.

Practicing self-love and daily gratitude and forgiveness. 

Meet the team

kelly bejelly

Kelly Raulerson

I love my Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute with a splash of heavy cream and stevia.


Orleatha Smith

I love my Sip Coffee Substitute with a pinch of cinnamon and honey

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