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To be safe, you should check with your health practitioner. That being said, the official FDA-sanctioned answer is that the use of dandelion in the amounts commonly found in food is generally considered safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Our other two ingredients, chicory and carob are on the FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)  list as well. 


If you have a complicated pregnancy, maybe best to wait. If your baby has a very sensitive digestive system, maybe best to wait. If you feel unsure…maybe best to wait!

And if the fact that the FDA has determined safety is sufficient information for you to make your decision, we wholeheartedly support you in that choice! 🤗





This is one of those personal mama-judgment questions! Sip herbal coffee substitute is a gentle, nourishing blend of just 3 simple ingredients: Dandelion, chicory, and carob. It is safe for most people, most of the time. Because these are whole-herbs and not potentized extracts it should be fine for children. Since nothing is a one-size-fits-all and you know your children best, if you choose to share Sip  herbal coffee substitute with your children, keep the dosage small and age appropriate.

Since Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute has no stimulants, you and totally enjoy more than one cup a day.

Yes! Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute is made of simple ingredients and never contains gluten. Our  batches are regularly tested to be sure that they are never gluten contaminated.

Since Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute has no stimulants, you and totally enjoy more than one cup a day.

Since Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute is naturally caffeine-free, it shouldn’t keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

All of our herbs are certified organic by CCOF and are tested for heavy metals and other possible contaminants. We source our organic roasted chicory from India, our organic carob from Portugal and our organic dandelion from China.

Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute can be brewed in a Keurig using reusable K-cups. Just be sure to use no more than 1 tbsp of Sip in the cup, and then brew it on the strongest setting. We do find that it can take a time or two to find the exact right process for your tastes and your machine, so if it’s not perfect the first time, please give it another try! We have many happy folks for whom Keurig is their primary way of making Sip!

Heck yes! Just add a little more fresh dry Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute to the used herbs and brew for longer the second time. We recommend using ¼ of the original amount of herbal coffee substitute you used (so if you brewed a full French press with 4 tbsp, add 1 tbsp fresh dry herbal coffee substitute to the spent herbs).


And be sure to compost the grounds afterward! Plants love them. 🌿😍

We do not recommend cold-brewing Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute. The roots in Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute need some solid time in hot water to extract the good stuff (heh, like most of us 😏), and these methods just don’t do them justice! We want you to get the most benefit possible out of your Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute!

If you want cold Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute, It’s easy and just takes a little forethought. You have 3 options: choose your own adventure!

  1. Brew as you normally do and refrigerate until cool. Store in the fridge in a sealed container for up to a week for easy cold Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute all week long.
  2. Make Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute cubes & pour hot Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute over your Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute cubes.
  3. Brew double-strong (2-3 tsp Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute per 8 oz water) and pour over ice.

Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute is dark, rich, and toasty, earthy,  and nutty. It’s robust flavor softens and sweetens dramatically when you add something creamy! It does NOT taste exactly like coffee. Many think it has a flavor of its own (We tend to agree!). It stands up to milk and cream like coffee does, and it has a complex flavor.

Shipping takes 2-5 business days, depending on where in the US you are.

No, we recommend shopping at Amazon for our products if you are an international customer. We cannot guarantee safe delivery on their behalf, but their success rate with international deliveries is very high.

Not at this time but we hope to soon! Be sure to ask your local stores and/or healthcare practitioner to stock Sip Herbals Coffee Substitute!

Yes! Drop us a line and let’s chat!

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