Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream Coffee Recipe: You’ll Never Drink Hot Chocolate Again

Irish Cream Coffee is a delicious drink that has been around for centuries. A lot of people make it wrong, but don’t worry! We’re going to show you how to make the perfect non-alcoholic Irish Cream Coffee recipe.

Non-alcoholic Irish Cream Coffee recipe with some bread and Sip Herbals coffee substitute to the side

Irish coffee is a popular drink that is made with coffee, Irish whiskey, and cream. It is usually served hot and has a rich, creamy taste. Irresistible!

What is Irish Cream Coffee and Other Variations?

This recipe for Irish coffee is a popular drink that is traditionally made by combining coffee, sugar, and Irish whiskey. This version of the recipe includes nonalcoholic ingredients like sugar, coconut cream, and carob powder.

Irish cream coffee in glass with some cinnamon raisin bread on the counter

Non-alcoholic Irish Cream tastes just as good as its alcoholic counterpart. It has a rich taste that comes from the cream and sugar mixture. This drink is perfect for people who want to enjoy an Irish Cream but don’t want to risk their health by drinking alcohol.

Non-alcoholic Irish Cream is usually served chilled and can be used as a substitute for alcoholic drinks at parties or dinners where people are not allowed to drink alcohol.

How to Make the Perfect Irish Cream Coffee?

  1. For a dark brew, steep together the Sip Herbals Original Coffee Substitute with the hot water for 2 minutes.
  2. Add the hot Sip to a glass mug and add coconut sugar and stir until dissolved.
  3. Top with coconut whipped cream and dust with carob powder for garnish is desired and serve immediately.
This nonalcoholic Irish cream coffee recipe is a popular drink in the winter months but can be enjoyed year-round!
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