Sip Herbals

An all-natural, organic herbal coffee substitute that gives all the coffee feels without the coffee flaws.


Date Established
Kelly Raulerson and Orleatha Smith
Gresham, Oregon
Press Contact
Kelly Raulerson



There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee—or is there? More and more people are trying to cut down on caffeine intake so naturally, the prospect of ditching coffee beans for an alternative becomes increasingly appealing, and more so if coffee produces less-than-ideal side effects.

A proudly BIPOC woman-owned business, Sip is an all-natural organic herbal coffee substitute brand that gives people who don’t tolerate coffee or who are looking to cut caffeine, the enjoyment of a warm, satisfying, grain-free beverage with the taste, body, and texture of coffee. It gives all of the coffee feels without the coffee flaws.

Founding Story

Like most fantastic products, Sip Herbals began with a need. It was founded by Kelly and Orleatha, two foodies with a passion for coffee. They’ve both had their own paths to discovering the power of real food, so when they realized that coffee was a problem, they were bummed that they would have to give up their morning ritual. They tried alternative after alternative but nothing fit the bill so they got to work and created a spectacular coffee substitute that is the REAL DEAL.

Kelly and Orleatha put their 10 years of wellness industry involvement to work and launched Sip on Kickstarter in November of 2020 – right in the middle of a global pandemic. They exceeded their goal by 77% and Sip was born. It was not long before word about this delicious anti-inflammatory diet-friendly, coffee substitute spread and demand for the product took off. Kelly and Orleatha first began selling Original Sip in November of 2020 on their own website. Sip has since expanded to 4 flavors and is now not only sold on their website but is also available on Amazon US and Canada.


Orleatha (or-LEE-thuh) Smith, is a serial entrepreneur with experience in a wide variety of fields with the most recent time spent in eCommerce creating and growing Sip Herbals, an herbal coffee substitute company.

She holds an advanced degree in education, a biology teaching credential, and is a certified holistic lifestyle coach. She has also been featured in popular publications such as First For Women Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and has had appearances on various podcasts and television shows.

Orleatha currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two teens, and two rescue dogs.

Co-founder and head creative at Sip Herbals, Kelly is a published author, renowned speaker, wife, Portlander and proud mom of boys. Having struggled her entire life with PCOS, , she has learned over time how to control her anxiety, manage her weight and regulate her blood sugars by means of dietary planning and natural herbal healing. In part due to her extensive background in the food and hospitality industry, she had the pleasure of working with reputable brands, speaking at large corporate conferences and helping numerous companies successfully launch their products in competitive markets. She has also developed an exclusive Meal Planning SAAS and founded a niche finance firm which funds CBD companies and cannabis startups. These days she’s all about slowing down, sipping slow and savoring every moment. This mompreneur is now focusing efforts on bringing her unique talents, deep-rooted passion for natural therapies and holistic approach to consumers at large. Not able to drink coffee due to her health concerns, Kelly has long been an advocate for the healing abilities of herbal teas.