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Micro-perforated Fine Mesh Infuser

Micro-perforated Fine Mesh Infuser – Fits Standard Cups Mugs Teapots – Perfect Stainless Steel Filter for Brewing Sip

The perfect one-cup micro-perforated stainless steel infuser. Made of durable stainless steel with a curvy shape that fits into almost any mug. This basket design is a game-changer! The holes are much smaller than most tea balls, so there’s less fallout on the bottom of my cup. Just wash this bad boy with a soapy sponge (it eats the bristles of some scrub brushes) and it’s ready to go for your next cup of Sip!

Roomy Basket – Wide barrel to allow Sips ingredients to spread out fully and dance as they infuse, plenty of holes just the right size to effectively spread the taste while hanging on to the herbs.

Standard Size – Just the right size for most cups, mugs or pots (fits openings between 2.36″ to 3.27″ wide or depth below 3.60″) allows you to brew several cups of Sip at the same time.

Hand wash. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.


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Micro-perforated Fine Mesh Infuser

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