"Salted Maple Blondie" Faux Joe Coffee Alternative

Tasting Notes Slightly sweet, maple date, nutty
A slightly sweet blend of maple, date, vanilla herbal brew.
What's in it?
Chicory root for the body of coffee, plus probiotics and antioxidants.
Dandelion root for stress relief, beta-carotene, and polyphenols, sans caffeine.
Carob for a coffee-like chocolate afternote, strong in natural calcium.
Ground vanilla bean for that sweet savory scent, rich with antioxidants.
Sea salt for the complexity and to promote electrolyte balance.

As seen in

How to brew

Sunrise (or Sunset) measure whenever you want 2 tsps per 8oz of water

Steep in the coffee or tea maker of your choice for 3 minutes

Sip your new fave routine!

Caffeine free
gluten free
source of prebiotics

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Did not like the taste at all

A little bit of sweetness to your morning

Been trying this for about a week. While trying to avoid coffee and go back a bit to AIP friendly alternatives. I’ve been enjoying this. Slightly satisfies that fancy coffee drink withdrawal symptom.

I’ve had the plain SIP Herbals before, but having variety is nice. Just have to make sure you use a fine mesh strainer and you can steep it just like tea. Very convenient in the morning. Would highly recommend if you have dietary restrictions and need to scratch that fancy coffee drink itch.

Adding some plant based milk helps me, but for AIP Coconut milk is also good.

Carol M.
New Flavor for me

Delish!! First time trying this one and I was really surprised. Really nice flavor.

Jessica T.
A welcome substitute for the comforting morning cup

After weeks of different teas and hot beverages to replace my morning Joe, I stumbled upon a recommendation for Sips Herbals. I ordered immediately and was not disappointed. Warm, flavorful, comforting-just what a girl needs in the morning.

Rachel E.
Loving Sip Herbals

I have found Sip Herbals of all varieties to be a delicious alternative to my first cup of coffee in the morning! I would highly recommend Sip Herbals to someone who is serious about eliminating or decreasing caffeine content.