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Your morning sip without the stress.

Meet Faux Joe: the herbal coffee alternative of 100% chicory root, carob, and dandelion root to keep the coffee feels, without the flaws.

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It's what's on the inside
that counts

Caffeine free
gluten free
source of prebiotics

Morning bliss
without twists

Your beloved routine without jitters, health challenges or irritating ingredients.

Drinking coffee comes with a myriad of challenges. Although beans offer an energizing boost, our morning routine can quickly transform into a rollercoaster of anxiety, jitters, and other health issues.

And it doesn’t stop there. The environmental impact of coffee production adds another layer of stress. The intensive cultivation, vast water consumption, and carbon emissions associated with conventional coffee farming contribute to the mounting strain on our precious planet.

We created Faux Joe to transcend the stresses of coffee and to enable you to embrace a morning ritual that nourishes your body and the environment.

The coffee vibes, without the coffee stress.

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Lo and behold
Faux Joe

Your coffee routine, without the caffeine or beans.

Caffeine free Plant based Non acidic

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Coffee vibes
sans the beans

Faux Joe is a carefully selected herb blend
that provides the body of coffee, without
the caffeine. 


Sip in self-care
+ benefits

Our morning drinks should make us feel better, not worse.
We craft harmonious blends high in probiotics,
antioxidants, and beta-carotenes, among other benefits.

Sip it up

Simply for your
typical brewing routine

Just brew Faux Joe like you typically
would. Use a reusable Keurig cup, your
french press, your coffee maker, or even a
fine mesh tea strainer to create hot or
cold herbal “coffee.”

sip, sip away

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I have quit coffee off and on for health reasons but have never found a replacement that really hit the spot until now. I love that it is actually allergy free and tastes so good. It is the closest I have gotten to a suitable realistic coffee taste that doesn't leave me feeling sick after like coffee did.

Andrea, US

Verified purchase

As a coffee lover I never thought I’d see the day when I could love something more than coffee. This is by far my favorite flavor of the sip herbals family. I can’t imagine a morning without it.

Maxima, US

Verified purchase

After weeks of different teas and hot beverages to replace my morning Joe, I stumbled upon a recommendation for Sips Herbals. I ordered immediately and was not disappointed. Warm, flavorful, comforting-just what a girl needs in the morning.

Jessica, US

Verified purchase

I was leery that anything could help me put down my cup of Joe in the morning, but I really wanted to get off the caffeine kick. Sip Herbals to the rescue. It has a delicious taste, feels good on the palate, and is full-bodied. Feeling so much better after one week of drinking Sip Herbals!

Erin, US

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