Healthy ingredients + minimal processing = delicious mornings

(and afternoons, and evenings, and late nights)

Happy Woman in kitchen drinking Sip Herbals

Real life isn’t a stock photo… so maybe we're not all enjoying Sip Herbals on a deck, looking over a lake, with a dog at our feet.

In fact, maybe we’re grabbing a thermos to take to the office, or sneaking it in between feeding kids and cats.

Maybe we’re enjoying a mid-afternoon break, getting up from our desk to enjoy the process of brewing a cup.

Or maybe we’re guzzling it down in the car.

Doesn’t matter.

All the ways we loved our coffee, we now love our Sip Herbals. And we think you will too.


We’re two strong entrepreneurs and we’re proud to be the first Black women with a coffee substitute brand. And we’re thrilled to be sharing a product we know is actually good for all of us.

Thank you for your support! We love the positive community that’s gathered around us as we build the company and share delicious drinks with you all.


Our coffee substitute story starts in a dark place. We were both feeling sick. Really sick.

But thankfully, our story didn’t end there. We both spent a decade researching, learning, and sharing real food healing for their own auto-immune issues.

In fact, that’s how we met each other!

From that learning and experimentation came our biggest epiphany yet: Sip Herbals!

Kelly Raulerson

It wasn't until I discovered a paleo way of eating that I finally balanced my blood sugar levels, lost excess weight that'd been hanging around, and found freedom from depression and anxiety.

If that sounds like a life-changing difference, it's because it is! And I've seen similar results in so many family and friends who've changed their eating and drinking ways too.

But I don't believe in giving up everything that tastes good.

I'm always developing recipes for yummy cookies, desserts, and treats that are aligned with my eating plan and allergy-friendly. Because life's too short to skip the good stuff! And that goes for coffee, too

Orleatha Smith

My health journey has taken twists and turns over the years as I tried traditional methods for achieving what society calls a "healthy size".

But it was eating real foods that truly transformed my life and gave me freedom from worrying about a specific digit on the scale, or label on a dress.

It turns out that health is a lot more than the number of calories you consume!

I love that my real food way of eating gives me energy to homeschool my kids while also running multiple businesses. And I love that I still have a great "get-up-and-go" morning routine with Sip Herbals.