We love the
routine of coffee,

but not the
side effects.

Sip Herbals began in 2020, when founders Kelly + Orleatha realized their beloved morning coffee routine was causing health challenges.

Combine that with the other negatives of coffee - anxiety, jitters, caffeine, and sustainability concerns – the stars were aligned to bring Sip Herbals to life.

After spending a decade researching, learning, and sharing how real food helped us feel better, we sought to include those who had been excluded and to create a sustainable coffee alternative - both for our bodies + for the planet.

Sip Herbals is built for your routine, whatever that looks like.

Whether you’re enjoying faux joe on a deck, looking over a lake, with a dog at your feet, in a thermos to take to the office, sneaking in sips between feeding kids and cats. As a mid-afternoon break getting up from your desk to enjoy the process of brewing a cup or as what you guzzle down in the car.

It doesn’t matter. 

Nothing takes the place of a steaming hot mug and that rich delicious first sip. All the ways we loved our coffee, we now love Sip Herbals.

Start sippin’