Signature Roast Faux Joe Coffee Alternative

Tasting Notes Earthy, nutty, rich
A nutty, earthy blend of herbs reminiscent of a gentle cup o’Joe - not burnt, never acidic, with just the right tinge of bitterness.
What's it it?
Chicory root for the body of coffee, plus probiotics and antioxidants.
Dandelion root for stress relief, beta-carotene, and polyphenols, without caffeine.
Carob for a coffee-like chocolate afternote, rich in natural calcium.

As seen in

How to brew

Sunrise (or Sunset) measure whenever you want 2 tsps per 8oz of water

Steep in the coffee or tea maker of your choice for 3 minutes

Sip your new fave routine!

Caffeine free
gluten free
source of prebiotics

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Cindy Bennish

Very pleased with my purchase. This is a very satisfying product

Sarah S
Closest Thing to Coffee I Have Found

I gave up coffee about six years ago because I’m incredibly sensitive to caffeine and it was making me feel anxious and jittery. I really missed the taste and smell and ritual of coffee. I tried Dandy Blend but had to stop that because some of the ingredients weren’t okay on the autoimmune protocol diet. I tried tea for my morning drink but it just didn’t have the consistency and robustness of coffee. I was so happy to find Sip Herbals and I’ve already told multiple people about it!! I drink it twice a day now and it’s such a good coffee replacement and midday treat. I use coconut cream with it to make it creamy and delicious. I’ve already ordered more and I’m trying some new flavors.


This is a good alternative for coffee. It doesn't taste like coffee, but it's good enough for me considering it's an AIP morning hot drink. I will be purchasing more later on!

A Great Coffee Alternative

I’m so impressed with this brand! This is a perfect alternative for those who don’t sit well with coffee or caffeine, but still want that morning or mid-day cup of joe. There’s multiple ways to brew it, but I was personally very happy to find out it is compatible with my Chemex!

FW Haynie
Perfect daily coffee replacement!

So happy to have found Sip Herbals when I needed to replace my daily coffee with a caffeine-free alternative! It's delicious and more full-bodied than tea. It really hits the spot.