"Pumpkin Spice" Faux Joe Coffee Alternative (Loose Leaf)

Tasting Notes Warm spices, earthy, nutty
A delightful herbal blend of warm spices for fall sips.
What's in it?
Chicory root for the body of coffee, plus probiotics and antioxidants.
Dandelion root for stress relief, beta-carotene, and polyphenols, sans caffeine.
Carob for a coffee-like chocolate afternote, strong in natural calcium.
Cinnamon and cloves for the warm, familiar spices powered with immune-supporting ingredients.
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How to brew

Sunrise (or Sunset) measure whenever you want 2 tsps per 8oz of water

Steep in the coffee or tea maker of your choice for 3 minutes

Sip your new fave routine!

Caffeine free
gluten free
source of prebiotics

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

This is more like a rich hot tea, if you expecting the coffee experience, it’s far from coffee. But it does have rich feel like coffee, it will take some getting use too.

Michelle Van Dyke
Just a little too spicy...

Sip Herbals "Pumpkin Spice" Faux Joe Coffee Alternative hits the spot for fall flavors... but it's just a little too spicy for me. I found that if I mix it (half 'n half) with the Original Faux Joe Coffee Alternative, the flavor is a little more subtle and very enjoyable.

Arlene P.
Fall treat

Spiced nicely with AIP diet approved spices.

Sister M.

I have been on the AIP for about 3 months. I miss coffee. Now that September has rolled around and all things "pumpkin spice" are popping up, I REALLY miss coffee. I just miss a warm drink to enjoy with a pastry. Enter Sip Herbals. I am obsessed! I didn't think anything could replace coffee, but Sip Herbals hits the spot! This warm, cozy pumpkin spice version has been perfect for me! It checks all the boxes: hot drink, pumpkin spice deliciousness, energy boosting, perfect complement to the AIP coffee cake or AIP scones that I've recently made. Thank you SO MUCH Sip Herbals for making my fall feel like fall and reinvigorating my commitment to the AIP!

Nancy W.
Fall in a Mug

Sip's Pumpkin Spice blend has great autumnal flavor! I enjoy it with some coconut milk and a little maple syrup. I've also found that adding a teaspoon of canned pumpkin to the French press while brewing gives it a little extra boost of pumpkin flavor. I measured out some teaspoons on a tray and froze them because I didn't want the extra pumpkin going bad in the fridge. The boiling water melts the frozen pumpkin during brewing. I give it a quick stir to mix before I press. Tastes great!