Signature Roast Faux Joe Coffee Alternative (Loose Leaf)

Tasting Notes Earthy, nutty, rich
A nutty, earthy blend of herbs reminiscent of a gentle cup o’Joe - not burnt, never acidic, with just the right tinge of bitterness.
What's it it?
Chicory root for the body of coffee, plus probiotics and antioxidants.
Dandelion root for stress relief, beta-carotene, and polyphenols, without caffeine.
Carob for a coffee-like chocolate afternote, rich in natural calcium.
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Shark Tank
As seen on
Shark Tank
“This is so GOOD!”

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How to brew

Sunrise (or Sunset) measure whenever you want 2 tsps per 8oz of water

Steep in the coffee or tea maker of your choice for 3 minutes

Sip your new fave routine!

Caffeine free
gluten free
source of prebiotics

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Jeremy Mittler
Not like coffee

It’s called “faux Joe” and that’s exactly what it is - nothing like coffee. It was billed as coffee without the harmful aspects. But it’s not that at all. It should be called “coffee tea” since it’s a tea that tastes like coffee.

Love this product!

I've been looking for a coffee alternative because I have acid reflux issues and Sip has surpassed my expectations. It's kind of like a coffee-tea infusion. It satisfies my need for a cup of coffee and tastes great by itself or with my usual splash of oat milk. It easily helped me break my need for a regular coffee. Thank you Sip!!

I'm Hooked, Soooooo Good!!

Because of health reasons, I have not been able to enjoy a good cup of hot coffee for quite some time. While watching Shark Tank a few weeks back I saw a segment by Sip Herbals (Faux Coffee drink). It sounded good as well as healthy so I decided to take a chance and place an order. After tweeking the brew time as well as amount used, I am hooked -- it is so good. I also brew in a French Press, but also use the fine strainer for steeping I purchased on this site. It is not bitter at all and there are no coffee jitters as with real coffee. I feel good after drinking it regularly now for about 3 weeks. I ordered signature roast and salty maple blondie and the coconut creamer. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Give it a try at least 2 or 3 times and feel the health benefits.

Mary Lu
It’s Heaven.

I love it! I just ordered another month!s supply. It has the feeling of coffee without bitterness, the jitters or other side effects. It’s so smoothe and satisfying. I can drink a pot of it in late afternoon as I’m working and not worry about being able to sleep. I use a small teapot that came with a mesh strainer insert. Or a tea leaf ball strainer in a single mug. You don’t have to press it. I had to stop coffee because of autoimmune issues. I’m so grateful for this. Thank you.

Terrible Messy

Didn’t like the product a bit. Didn’t realize it requires a PRESS or an ultra fine strainer. Neither is mentioned on the package or on the site. Last thing I want to do just out of bed is deal with straining particles of varying sizes of anything to have a bitter awful tasting "tea".